Fine Art Prints

Welcome to Northern New Mexico! I carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes, from beautiful originals to archival Giclees printed on Ph neutral paper. Prints on unstretched canvas also available. For shipping purposes, I use Taos Crating. Questions? Just call me. 575 770 2704.

"Rio Grande Gorge Sunset" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

"Poppy Adobe" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Old Taos Bookstore" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Summer Garden" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Northern New Mexico Ruins" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

"Hollyhock Watching" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"World College, Las Vegas NM" -Karen McCurtain-Blair
(One of the original Fred Harvey Hotels)

"To Town with a Joyful Heart" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Flight of the Family Farm" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Old Adobe & Lilacs" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Mountain Summer" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Summer"

"Aspens & Old Blue" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Summer Irrigation" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Rio Grande Gorge" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Blue Doors" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"The Old Kitchen" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Sunflowers & Old Red" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Style Spring" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Cowgirl" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Walking a New Mexico Road" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Playing in Grandma's Yard" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Mesa" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Taos Rio Grande Gorge" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

"The Gift- Raven & Magpie" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

"The Magpie Gift" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"It's Getting Deep" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Historic Couse House" -Karen McCurtain-Blair

"Overland Holidays" -Karen McCurtain-Blair


Cards (5 1/2"x7 1/2") retail $6.00 each, or three for $15.00.  
Matted 8"x10" prints  (image size roughly 4 1/2" x 6 1/2") retail $20.00 each.

8"x10" 55.
11"x14" $85.
12"x16" $100.
15"x20" 125.
16"x20" 125.
18"x18" 145.
20"x20" 160.
18"x24" 175.
20"x24" 200.
24"x24" 220.
20"x30" 230.
22"x28" 245.
24"x28" 250.
24"x30" 265.
24"x36" 270.
24"x40" 280.
30"x30" 280.
30"x40" 290.
40"x40" 320.
40"x50" 375. 

*Print sizing is approximate to account for correct replication ratios. *Limited custom sizing and framing is available, contact me for prices. Questions? Call me at (575) 770 2704        

Karen painting hollyhocks
Karen painting hollyhocks
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