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Original Watercolors

Welcome to Northern New Mexico, where I have lived since 1989. Having such a strong connection with Taos makes it impossible for me not to paint. As an artist I need emotional connection.When that happens, I "see" paintings, I dream paintings and once begun they evolve on their own. Visit the website, or stop by the studio or Las Comadres Gallery in downtown Taos to see my latest work. Commissions welcome! Questions? Just call me. 575 224 9855.

blair valle vidal rainbow.jpg

"Valle Vidal Rainbow" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

9"x13", Tran​sparent Watercolor, Framed $350.00

blair rio grande cuttroat trout.jpg

"Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

16"x22", Tran​sparent Watercolor, Framed $800.00

blair taos style poppy.jpg

"First Taos Poppy" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

15"x22", Tran​sparent Watercolor, Framed $800.00

"Old Ford and Friends" -Karen McCurtain-Blair 

11"x15", Tran​sparent Watercolor, Framed $400.00

"Fechin's Window"- Karen McCurtain-Blair 

​9"x11", Transparent Watercolor, Framed SALE $200.00

 Questions? Just call me. 575 224 9855

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